Paradise! Isn’t it beautiful? So many things are out there, calling for you, just outside your door! You just cannot wait and let all go to past. Seize the chance and throw caution to the wind! No matter what, you can do it! Look up and take the call to see all that awaits for you!


Young adult Terrance N. Coda is a freshman student brimming with optimism and dreams of spreading cheer to everyone around him. To save money while in college, Terry moves in with disillusioned baker Santana Winchester at a suburb just south of San Francisco. Ever the curious dog, Terry goes on adventures at Santana’s expense while making his way through his courses.

One winter day, what was to be an ordinary trip for Terry lead to him wandering in the streets of San Francisco in the dark of night. On the verge of meeting his match to a gang of deer, the husky suddenly finds himself awake in an elaborate house.



Terry encounters the owner, a dingo by the name of Elias King. Elias sees Terry as an enemy until the he spots a peculiar medallion on the husky’s chest. The dingo apologizes realizing the importance of the medallion, and what begins is an adventure that drastically changes the life of Terry,  Elias, and others around.


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