Below is the current delightful cast of Elevations as the story stands so far. Clicking on the title will bring up pages that include that particular character.


Terrance Coda
Fresh from the central valley of the Golden State, he firmly believes to have moved to a perfect paradise. Terry strives to become friends with everyone, solve issues, and mend broken connections however against the odds.




SantanaSantana Winchester
Middle-aged bear cook from Michigan who moved to San Francisco after taking over locally based SanPie Baking Co. Desperate to make ends meet, he houses Terry in exchange for cheaper rent.




eliasElias King
An innovative Dingo scientist, entrepreneur and baker who hides in the hills north of the Golden Gate. He has amassed  great wealth and a questionably mysterious past to boot.




edwardEdward Kiln
Sly nomadic weasel fueled by desire to one-up those that betray him. He has a way with words that he often uses to his advantage, often to escape troublesome situations.






peterPeter Pothos
A maladrake with a classy, emotional, if not uneasy disposition. Considers all his intentions as good. Often rams himself uncomfortably into others if  not sitting from sidelines. Occasionally seen at Bidsworth college despite being given the boot.




SelenaSelena Cadiz
Visayan deer of passive aggression with concern of others like family. A humanities major and fellow freshman who befriends Terry out of pity. Very carnivorous cervine.






AndrewAndrew Portelli
Caffeine connoisseur coyote. Film major junior who lives life as it is. He treats any obstacle as if nothing at all. Considers Terry amusement, and vice versa. Loves coffee. A lot of coffee.